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Enodia Press is an independent publishing house established in 2016. It was brought into the world with its first publication Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis which was the first translation of the famous book into the English Language. With this precedent the publishing house positioned itself in the market as the only press dedicated to the serious study of magic as an academic subject and that focuses in the Faustian Magical Tradition that emerged in Germany during the 16th century.
Our mission is to contribute to the knowledge of our culture for the advancement of human understanding

of our history and also our path towards the future. Magic is an important aspect of our past as species, as many societies revolved around the idea of preternatural forces cohabiting their surroundings. They interacted with the world as they knew it and what emerged can still be experienced in various aspects of our lives. We provide the highest quality books both in content and also in the final product as an aesthetic object in order to satisfy the needs of serious researchers in the field of magical literature and also book collectors. Our team of professionals invest their efforts to bring the reader the greatest satisfaction.

The Faustian Tradition

The Faustian Tradition is a branch of ceremonial magic that follows the Solomonic ritual structure. It emerged in the late 16th century Germany and decayed around the mid-1800s. Within it are found diverse elements such as Germanic beliefs, folk practices and mythology; and Christian beliefs, both Lutheran and catholic. It is also composed of two major features which are the pact, that serves as a central tool to establish relationships with spirits, and the Seven Prince Electors that correspond to the seven planets. This magical school is named after the character and historical personage D. Johannes Faust, better known from the theater plays written by Marlowe and Goethe. He was put at the center of this magical movement by his contemporaries and those who lived shortly after his death in 1540 motivated by the curious legends that spawned around him.

Despite that, other "authors" also take a prominent position within the tradition such as his famulus Christopher Wagner, Joseph Anton Herpentil, Johannes Kornreuther, among others. The texts, written under spurious names, dates and places of origin, circulated primarily in the form of manuscripts, and passed mostly from the hands of scribes, and practitioners of the art, to those of interested merchants, and students. These same manuscripts were later made known by editors and compilers such as Johannes Scheible, as his famous Das Kloster can attest, and George Conrad Horst with the Zauberbibliothek. Others, as the lengthier Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis and the 6th and 7th Book of Moses appeared in separate editions and became widely praised by the practitioners and students of the occult.


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Key of Necromancy Vol. 1
The Key of Necromancy
Vol. 1

Faust's Mightiest Sea-Spirit
Dr. Faust's
Mightiest Sea-Spirit

 faust magia naturalis et innaturalis
Dr. Faust's
Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis

A Compendium of Unnatural Black Magic
A Compendium of Unnatural Black Magic

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